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McAllen, TX’s Choice for Gum Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

We understand gum disease is a common, painful problem for millions of people. Our Xpress Dental team led by Dr. John Tan provides gum disease education and treatment in McAllen, TX. When a patient’s gums bleed during an examination, we take note as it is usually the first sign of gum disease or periodontal disease. Some patients suffer from gum disease even when they brush and floss their teeth regularly. We can help treat your gum disease and arm you with the education needed to fight it in the future. Call today to learn more.

Gum Disease Treatments in McAllen

Causes of Gum Disease

Your mouth is naturally full of bacteria that is always producing plaque on your teeth. Bacteria, food particles, saliva, and mucus create form plaque. Regular brushing and flossing help rid of this sticky concoction. When plaque hardens and turns into tartar on your teeth, it’s tough to get it off even with brushing. Professional dental cleaning is the only thing that can remove tough tartar. The main risk for gum disease is smoking. Other risk factors include genetics, diabetes, some medications, and hormonal changes.

Signs of Gum Disease

There are many different symptoms and signs of gum disease, including:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Tender, bleeding gums
  • Constant bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Painful chewing
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums

Diagnosing Gum Disease

During your routine visit, our dental team will check your gums for any type of inflammation. We’ll use a probe to measure any pockets around your teeth. A healthy pocket averages between one and three millimeters. During our X-rays, we’ll also check for any bone loss in your mouth and teeth.

Regular Dental Visits Fight Gum Disease

The best way to prevent and fight gum disease is to regularly visit your dentist. We’ll look for any early signs of lurking gum disease and treat it. We’ll check the firmness and color of your gums for inflammation. Removing your tartar and plaque during a routine cleaning will help fight against gum disease. We recommend visiting our office every six months for the best protection against gum disease.

Gum Disease in McAllen, TX

Fighting Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced periodontal gum disease can be painful. At this stage, the infection of the disease often causes swollen gums that may ooze pus, advanced sensitivity, severe bad breath, and loose teeth. We can treat advanced gum disease and help prevent it from getting any worse. We can do a scaling and root planning treatment to scrape away the tartar buildup from the surface and roots of teeth. If the gum disease is bad enough, we may recommend surgery. Flap surgery involves lifting back your gum tissues to perform deeper scaling and root planning. We will speak with you in detail about your options to fight advanced gum disease.

Helpful Tips and Treatment

Xpress Dental’s main goal is to control your gum disease infection. Depending on the extent of your disease, the types of treatment will vary. We may suggest certain actions at home like quitting smoking or brushing and flossing regularly. We encourage brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and floss regularly to remove excessive plaque. Visit us regularly for a professional cleaning. We’ll give you additional education and help you fight gum disease.

Contact Xpress Dental Today

Our team wants to help you maintain optimal oral health. We’re always on your side, educating you about the latest dental technology to fight gum disease. We want your experience to be comfortable and efficient every time you visit our office. We understand gum disease is painful and preventable with lifestyle changes. We’ll diagnose gum disease and get you on a treatment plan to alleviate the issue. We are conveniently located in McAllen, TX, so we serve patients from throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.