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Bridges and Partials

We Can Bridge That Gap!

Bridges are designed to bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth and is typically comprised of two or more crowns fused together and attached to the surrounding teeth. Click on the thumbnails below to view the bridge procedure.

Missing Teeth? We Can Help!

Dental bridges and partial dentures are common ways to replace missing teeth in adults. If teeth that have been lost are not replaced, the remaining teeth can tip, drift, or extrude into the empty spaces, causing both aesthetic and functional problems within your mouth. If you have missing teeth, visit a doctor for dental bridges and partials to determine if these options are right for you.

Getting a Partial Denture or Dental Bridge in McAllen, TX

Patients who are missing one or more teeth will usually have two treatment options to choose from: a partial denture or a fixed bridge. A partial denture is a removable denture that fits around remaining teeth. A fixed bridge is a structure that suspends one or more false teeth between gaps left by tooth loss. To learn more about getting a partial denture or dental bridge in McAllen, TX, contact Dr. John Tan today!

How does a partial denture work?

A partial denture is typically used when a patient has lost several teeth in either the upper or lower jaw but still has quite a few healthy teeth remaining. These structures are made to fit around the remaining teeth and attach with either metal or plastic clasps. Partial dentures can be easily removed for cleaning or eating and should be taken out at night. 

How does a dental bridge work?

A dental bridge is essentially a structure that suspends one or more false teeth across a gap created by tooth loss. It works by fusing three or more crown units, the ends of which are attached to adjacent teeth. In order to place a dental bridge, the two adjacent teeth need to be resized and reshaped so that the end crowns, or abutments, can be placed comfortably on top of these teeth. This means removing a small amount of tooth enamel from each tooth. Once fabricated, the bridge is permanently cemented in place. 

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to both a fixed bridge and partial denture. By concealing any gaps left by missing teeth, these structures can improve the appearance of your smile and give you better self-confidence. They also prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment and causing bite problems. Finally, both methods of tooth replacement help to keep the lips and cheeks from sinking inward to fill empty space.

When teeth become lost, it is important to replace them as soon as possible to maintain oral health. To learn more about getting a partial denture or dental bridge in McAllen, TX, contact Dr. Tan today!