Mini Dental Implant Cost

Factors That Affect Implant Cost

There are many things that can affect dental implant cost. We will work hard to offer financing options to ensure you get the care you need!

Factors That Affect Cost:

  • How Many Teeth Are Involved
  • If There Is Bone Loss
  • What Type of Procedure You're Having
  • If There is a Sinus Lift Required
  • If There is Periodontal Disease Present
  • If You Need Extractions
  • If You Are Edentulous

Implants Mean Long-Term Savings

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How to Estimate Your Mini Dental Implants Cost

Calculating your tooth implant cost can be a challenge with all the different factors that can influence tooth replacement. The easiest way to get an accurate estimate is to schedule a consultation with Dr. John Tan. However, there are a few things to consider that often impact mini dental implants cost in McAllen, TX:

  • How many implants are needed?
  • Is the gum tissue healthy?
  • Is a bone graft needed?
  • Are tooth extractions necessary?

How many implants are needed?

The number of implants needed will greatly influence your overall tooth implant cost. Plotting a mini dental implants procedure is a process that requires precision and takes a good amount of time. Dr. Tan will need to spend time examining your jaw bone to determine the exact location for each implant. In addition to time, more materials will be needed to complete the surgery for each implant required.

Is the gum tissue healthy?

Mini dental implants are dependent on healthy gum and bone tissue for success. If tooth loss has occurred because of gum disease, Dr. Tan will need to administer gum disease treatment first. The cost of treatment will increase the overall tooth implant cost.

Is a bone graft necessary?

Mini dental implants can often be placed without the need for a bone graft. However, if severe deterioration has occurred, this may be necessary. Your tooth implant cost will likely increase as a result of the added expense.

Are tooth extractions necessary?

In some cases, a tooth may become badly damaged or no longer supported by bone. In these cases, Dr. Tan will need to extract the tooth before placing the implant. The cost of extraction will impact your overall tooth implant cost.

A personalized consultation with Dr. Tan can provide you with an estimate of your mini dental implants cost in McAllen, TX. Contact Dr. Tan and schedule your consultation today!