Mini Dental Implant Consultation

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Tooth Replacement Options in McAllen, TX

The Implant Consultation

Before your doctor can develop a treatment plan, you will first need to schedule a dental implant consultation. During your consultation the following will be required:

  • Complete Oral Examination
  • X-Rays
  • Treatment Options Discussion
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Knowing Your Tooth Replacement Options in McAllen, TX

Before performing cosmetic teeth surgery, Dr. John Tan asks his patients to come in for a short consultation. The goal of this consultation is to inform patients of the details regarding the procedure and discuss any available tooth replacement options in McAllen, TX. The consultation will be split into three separate portions:

  • Examination
  • Discussion
  • Question and answer



The goal of the examination is to determine if your gums and jaw are healthy enough to support cosmetic teeth surgery. Although mini dental implants can usually be placed without the need for a bone graft, severe bone deterioration or unhealthy gum tissue can affect the success of the procedure. If either of these conditions are present, treatment will be needed before cosmetic teeth surgery can be performed. Dr. Tan will also need to take x-rays and make computer scans of your jaw to find the areas of highest bone density. These areas are where the implants will be placed.


After the examination, you and Dr. Tan will discuss the details of the procedure to ensure that you are aware and comfortable with the treatment. You will also discuss proper oral hygiene and any lifestyle habits that may affect the success of your cosmetic teeth surgery. For example, patients who do not maintain proper oral hygiene or who use tobacco products on a regular basis are rarely successful with mini dental implants.

Question and Answer

After the discussion, you will have a chance to voice any questions or concerns you may have regarding cosmetic teeth surgery. Some frequently asked questions include:

  • How long is the procedure?
  • How long is the recovery period?
  • How do I care for my mini dental implants?
  • Does my insurance cover the procedure?

A visit with Dr. Tan can determine if you are a candidate for mini dental implants. To schedule your consultation and discuss tooth replacement options in McAllen, TX, contact Dr. Tan today!